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Luke Gelineau, Partner
Entertainment Insurance

Luke Gelineau is an Entertainment Insurance Executive Agent who has been working at United Agencies since 2008.  Born and raised in Los Angeles, Luke attended California State University Northridge and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Family Consumer Sciences with an option in Consumer Affairs and a minor in Marketing.  Luke specializes in helping film producers and rental houses find fast and affordable insurance for their productions and equipment. Luke has been designated as a Commercial Lines Coverage Specialist (CLCS).  He’s sold over $3,000,000 in short-term production insurance alone and is one of the top 25 producers out of 12,000+ producers on Abacus.net (the world’s largest short-term production insurance provider).  Last year he started his own sub-division of United Agencies called Equipment & Production Insurance, which can be found at www.insuredproduction.com Luke spends most of his free time chasing his three young children around.  He loves playing video games, especially if they’re against his ultra-competitive wife and son.  He also loves to spend time playing outside with them, jumping on the trampoline, and going on long walks.  He’s also a big fan of TV shows and movies, and he loves to watch the credits at the end of any Marvel or Star Wars movies to see how many names he recognizes as his clients!

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