Do You Need Earthquake Insurance?

by | Jul 9, 2019 | Auto & Home

Learn About Your Earthquake Risk

There are many factors to consider when deciding to purchase a residential earthquake insurance policy, especially if you want to protect the equity in your home. Choosing to purchase a residential earthquake policy can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll make it simple for you. Learn how you can protect your biggest investment. Not sure an earthquake policy is right for you? At United Agencies, we can help you decide if you are at risk, what coverage means for you based on the customized features of your home, and how to select a policy to fit your needs.

Is Your Home in an Earthquake Prone Area?

California is notorious for being part of “earthquake country”, but many people are unaware that other areas have become just as susceptible to earthquakes. Even though earthquakes can happen anywhere in the United States, the likelihood is significantly increased for residential properties located west of the Great Rocky Mountains according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

We are providing a link to the USGS Interactive Map section of their website for your review. Simply click the button below to view your location information. We think you will find the information very interesting and helpful! 

Homeowners in these at-risk areas are also risking great loss without the protection of earthquake insurance. California and Pacific Northwest homeowners are most at risk for high magnitude earthquakes, which can cause devastation and widespread destruction on a grand scale. Fortunately, today’s experts have the ability to determine the likelihood of future large magnitude earthquakes by studying the history of similar shocks. By learning about the history of earthquakes, we can begin to understand the likelihood of a devastating earthquake affecting the areas we live in.

How Likely Is It Your Home Will Be Damaged In an Earthquake?

Depending on where you reside, each home is unique and has its own set of issues. Some homes will withstand a powerful earthquake better than others. There are many factors that determine a property’s risk of experiencing severe damage caused by a large magnitude earthquake:

Consider Your Home’s Location to Fault Lines

The United States Geological Survey offers interactive fault line maps on their website, which indicate where they are in proximity to your home. Many of these faults are believed to be the source of quakes with a magnitude of 6 or greater. Some fault lines have yet to be discovered, such as the major fault discovered after the Napa earthquake of 2014. The Napa quake surprised both residents and research experts alike.

Can your home’s construction features withstand damage from an earthquake?

Wood frame homes with crawlspaces, multi-level homes, and older homes have a higher risk of suffering severe damage from a large magnitude earthquake. Although newer homes and retrofitted homes will sometimes experience less damage, even homes retrofitted to meet the most recent codes may still suffer damage from a strong quake.
Can You Afford to Repair or Rebuild Your Home If It’s Severely Damaged?

Many typical homeowners policies do not protect against the perils of earthquake destruction. Without this protection you may face a heavy financial burden on top of the stress and shock following an earthquake. Not only could you as a homeowner be saddled with the pain-staking process of waiting for assistance, but you may also need to find another place to live and pay for unexpected living expenses out of pocket.

At United Agencies, our policyholders have the peace of mind knowing they will not have to worry about these financial burdens when catastrophe strikes. Some comprehensive policies offer Additional Living Expense and/or Fair Rental Value coverage for up to 12 months!

With low deductible options and affordable payment plans, find out how easy it is to protect your equity with an earthquake insurance policy. Let United Agencies help you get the protection you need.
Can You Afford to Live Somewhere Else While Your Home is Being Repaired?

If a high magnitude quake strikes your area and your home is uninhabitable, where will you go? Will you be able to afford a second place to stay until you have recovered and rebuilt? Earthquakes can affect large groups of people in populated areas, causing lodging and housing prices to skyrocket. Obtaining the right earthquake policy can even cover your additional living expenses to offset these increased housing expenses. We care about getting you back on your feet and back to your life as quickly as possible, and we are happy to eliminate the extra stress in the meantime.

Don’t Lose Your Hard Earned Equity

Building equity in your home is a lifelong effort. This same equity is meant to secure financial future and prosperity for you and your family. Unfortunately, if you live in an earthquake prone area without earthquake insurance coverage your home’s equity could be compromised. Living in a high risk zone doesn’t mean you have to take a high risks.

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