How Blue Shield is Supporting Employers to get Their Workforce Vaccinated

by | Mar 3, 2021 | Employee Benefits

United Agencies strives to bring you the latest news and updates regarding COVID-19 and the vaccine. We feel this information will help keep you informed and give you guidance in moving forward with vaccine awareness in the workplace.

How Blue Shield is Supporting Employers:

We are communicating directly with members and employer groups regarding eligibility by phases and providing fact-based vaccine information to help overcome vaccine hesitancy. We recently launched an ad campaign for COVID-19 vaccination, encouraging all Californians to get it.

We recognize that employer groups, especially those with frontline workers, are seeking ways that Blue Shield can help accelerate the process to get their employees vaccinated. Prioritization phases and allocation of vaccine doses are determined by state and federal government authorities. Our partnership with the state will accelerate the vaccination rate for all Californians, which is consistent with BSC’s mission, without preferential consideration for Blue Shield customers.

Vaccination availability in California is prioritized by age and risk. This means workforces will generally be vaccinated over an extended period – anticipating through summer 2021 - as employees become eligible based on their age and health conditions. Blue Shield has included vaccination policies for its own return to work planning, and encourages employers to do the same.

Blue Shield is providing essential information to employers and employees (members) regarding vaccinations: Member resources | Employer resources.

Looking to schedule a vaccination but unsure if you are eligible or if it is “your turn” to do so? Visit the MyTurn website to learn more about eligibility by answering a few questions.

We’ve also put together this Vaccine Toolkit for Employers, which pulls together a number of relevant resources into one place.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also provides a Toolkit for Employers

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