Hello Friends,

A big part of my job is to get a final signature (in most cases) on a policy renewal, so, I spend a lot of time thinking about signatures. They are weird.

Signatures are easily forged, usually illegible, and in some cases, not even consistent from the person writing them. In my line of business, insurance contracts are almost always cancelable by the insured as well, so, why do I need your signature? You can back-out at any time.

Here’s an interesting test of signatures, “Whatever method you choose, courts will consider whether you made the “signature,” intended to make the signature, and whether you intended the signature to signify your agreement to the contract. If the court can find these three things, that it will consider your contract binding.”

An email confirmation passes the test of a legal signature then and will likely hold up in court as an acceptance of a contract. But, I’ll probably still spend my career chasing down signatures and using little “sign here” stickers!

Thanks for reading.

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