If only we could have seen it coming!

You may or may have heard last week, but, in for what may have been the first time since 1949, there was snow in parts of Los Angeles.  It was the buzz in my office, and probably all offices in the LA area.

What was not surprising, is that the snow was NOT predicted by the weatherman!

I empathize the meteorologists. As an insurance adviser, I get asked to predict the future all the time. Where will our rates be next year? Can we predict the decrease or increase?

I don’t laugh anymore at the joke “A weatherman is the only profession where you’re allowed to be wrong most of the time!” because I’m in the business of making predictions. My clients need to predict costs effectively to maintain their business model, one of the best parts of my job is correctly forecasting the market and delivering on promises. 

Thank you for reading.

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