Yesterday the S&P 500 Index closed at 2,964, the highest point since the index of 500 american companies stock prices was founded in 1957. This is another sign of the strong US economy, which just passed the 10-year mark of constant growth since July 2009

18 months ago, I transferred my *modest* 401k portfolio to a very conservative fund and started to tell anyone who would listen that our next “Great Recession” was coming soon! History always repeats itself! I even (foolishly) started trying to convince my wife to sell our house at this current high and rent for a little while! Thankfully we haven’t sold the house, but I have missed out on investment gains because of my pessimism. 

It’s easy to predict a change in things, because changes always come, but what if the change this time is many more years of expansion than our economy is used to?

There is wisdom in learning from the past, but, not in being restricted by it. 

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