United Agencies 2019 Human Resources Audit Checklist

by | Jan 23, 2019 | Employee Benefits

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 United Agencies, Inc. Human Resources Audit Checklist for 2019

At United Agencies, we care about your HR Compliance, and the first step in determining your human resource needs is to conduct an audit of where things stand.

We have always told our clients that we care about your compliance, but in case you haven’t asked or forgot, we’d like to let you in on a little secret:  We like to leave it to the experts!  You know, let the mechanic fix your car, let the Insurance expert do insurance, and let the HR Audit be done by an HR Expert!  That’s why we’d like to share with all of you this handy checklist created by Sabrina Baker of Acacia HR Solutions.

That said, we have created a Human Resources Audit Checklist for your convenience, which can be modified to fit your own business situation, industry or state. Note that items marked with an asterisk (*) are of legal significance and should be immediately addressed first. If an area does not apply to your business, consider it “in place,” and mark one more thing off your list.

While not all of these things are required by law, they are considered best practices for growing small businesses. If you see something not required by law and not in place in your organization, consider whether it is something that may add value. If not, simply check it as in place and move on to the next item.


Hiring isn’t easy for small businesses. The following list covers information handled in the recruiting process.


One of the largest areas where employers get in legal trouble, the following section covers compensation practices.

Benefits & Perks:

The area most affected by size of business, this section addresses benefits and perks:


This section covers those items employees need once they join the company.

Performance Management:

 Once the employee is onboard, their ongoing performance management includes the following.

Questions? Need assistance with your HR Audit Checklist? Contact a United Agencies Representative today at 1-800-800-5880 or Email Us. We are happy to help!

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