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United Agencies: A Leader in Insurance for Schools and Education

United Schools is the education division of United Agencies Insurance. Founded in 1962, United Agencies is one of the top 40 privately owned insurance agencies in the United States. We specialize in working with charter and private schools on all aspects of their insurance needs, including Employee Benefits, Workers Compensation, and Liability. Our goal is to provide our clients with the resources of a large agency, as well as the personal attention of a local neighborhood broker.  Areas of expertise include the following:


Helping You With the Business Side of Your School

There is more to running your school than just knowing the population you serve. You have to keep informed about the changing laws and regulations, and how they affect you and your employees. We feel it is our responsibility to help try to keep you informed of the important changes that can affect your administration.

Free Seminars

We offer several free seminars every year dealing with diverse topics like: Annual New Law Review, Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, The Most Common Mistakes Employers Make When Hiring, Recent Changes in Workers Compensation Laws, Retirement Plans and Investing, Estate Planning and Business Perpetuation, Self Insurance, 1099 Independent Contractors, and more.

Bring Whomever You’d Like

You can send your staff members, or attend yourself. Either way, it’s free, fairly painless and usually quite informative. We hire professionals in the field to speak about the topics in which they are most knowledgeable. Most seminars are held near the Burbank Airport, so they are convenient to attend. We generally hold morning seminars from 9:00 am to Noon.

Feel Free to Ask Questions

This is a great opportunity to get any question you might have answered by professionals. Obviously, many of these topics are connected to Insurance, and we always have staff members on hand to answer any insurance related question, or provide advice about how to properly protect yourself in the event that something unplanned for happens.

Stay Informed

Take advantage of the frequent, free educational seminars that United Agencies provides to keep you and your staff up to date on legal changes and how they affect you.

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Human Resources

Do What You Do Best

United Schools realizes that your main focus is operating your school in a profitable and efficient manner. Your staff doesn’t have time to keep on top of all of the regulatory changes that are created each year in Sacramento and Washington.

Ask an Expert With a Single Phone Call

That is why we  bring our clients a full spectrum of cost-effective Human Resource Services through a convenient single point of contact. One phone call, and you can get your questions answered.

Our clients receive unlimited telephone access to seasoned and experienced professionals committed to providing you with quick advice on a labor law or employment related issue. We are your partner in successfully navigating the minefield of employer and employee relations.

You Receive: Unlimited Telephone Access, Access to Personnel Forms, Reduced Fees on Onsite Audits, FREE Attendance at Annual Seminars, Ex: New Laws Seminars, Sexual Harassment Prevention Seminars, And More.

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Wellness in the Workplace

To inspire healthier people, we assist in bringing health-promoting services to the workplace, such as Educational Workshops, Health Awareness Campaigns, Improved Productivity and Employee Retention, Improved Employee Health and Morale, Reduced Health-Related Costs, and More.  We understand the importance of Relieving Stress, Men’s and Women’s Health Issues, Eating Healthy, and Getting Physically Active. 

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We Support You

United Schools uses our Non-Profit alliance program to reinvest a portion of our commission back into your school every year! These funds can be used for many purposes, including adding benefits, starting a wellness program, or simply buy school supplies…. it is up to you!

United School has donated over $1,800,000 to Education and other Social Service Non-Profit organizations. We believe in being a part of your team. Let us know how we can help with any fundraising program you are working on.

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The Importance of Safety

As an employer you care about the safety of your employees, but you may not realize the full extent of your legal responsibility in this area. United Schools has partnered with the Safety Compliance Institute and the OSHA Defense League to bring you the top quality professional advice that you need to make informed and intelligent decisions. The professionals at these firms are able to answer your questions, and properly prepare you for a visit from OSHA.

Avoiding An Audit

Either a complaint from a disgruntled employee, a work-place injury or simply a random inspection can bring inspectors into your business, and if a violation is found, you can be faced with large fines. The professionals at the Safety Compliance Institute have an outstanding reputation in designing and reviewing legally required safety and environmental programs. Your business can be safe and in compliance.

Get The Help You Need

You will receive unlimited telephone access to safety professionals to answer any of your safety related questions.  You will also receive: Labor Law Posters, Assistance with OSHA Appeals, Safety Videos, CD’s & Books, Assistance with a Safety Manual, Machine Guarding Assistance, Chemical and MSDS Searches, Assistance with Safety Incentive Programs, Seat Belt & Tie Down Instruction, Fire Prevention Plans, Hearing Conservation Programs, Blood Borne Pathogens Programs, Confined Space Programs, And More.

Keep OSHA Off Your Back

United Schools brings you highly experienced, trained professionals who can make your workplace compliant and safe. 

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