Industry Niches

Learn more about United Agency’s industry niches and specialties:

Aerospace Manufacturing

United Agencies has grown up with the Aerospace Industry. From selling door to door to the garages of returning vets who were building America of yesterday to now multi-state and multi-national companies of today! We intimately know the risks and loss types of this industry. Learn more about our expertise in the Aerospace Industry or contact us with questions or interest.

Entertainment Industry

United Agencies has been providing Entertainment Insurance to our clients for almost 50 years. Whether you are insuring a Generator, an Editing System or a Camera Package, we have the expertise and connections to provide you with the proper coverage you need. Learn more about our expertise in theEntertainment Production Industry or contact us for assistance.


Whether for leisure or business, people come to stay at your establishment for a number of reasons. So it only makes sense you want to provide the safest and most satisfactory experience possible for them. United Agencies can help protect your guests, staff, and property so you can focus on running your business. Contact us for more information about how we can help protect you and your hospitality business.

Metal Workers

The needs of a Job-Shop Machine Tool business are of particular interest to United Agencies. We have been Insuring Metal Workers since the beginning of our agency, over 65 years! Learn more about how we can help you in this important industry.

Non-Profit Organizations

United Agencies has a HEART for Nonprofits! United Agencies has served Non-Profits for 50 years with so much more than just insurance! Learn more about UA and Non-Profit Organizations.


United Agencies has specialized in meeting the insurance needs of the Los Angeles wholesale Produce market since 1915. From the major produce houses to small family businesses, we have forged professional and personal relationships that span over 80 years. Learn more about how we can help excel in the Produce Industry.

Property Management

From building and equipment damage to accidents involving tenants and their guests, your coverage and risk management strategy should address all potential areas of exposure such as: Building, property or equipment damage, General liability, Injuries sustained by tenants or renters, Liabilities from environmental and external events, Tenant discrimination, and Wrongful eviction. For more information contact us for assistance and a team member will gladly assist you.

Rental Houses

Our Rental House program provides insurance for companies that supply the entertainment, sports and leisure industries with the rental of equipment and/or support services.It is designed for businesses continuously engaged in the business of renting equipment to the entertainment, sports and leisure industry. These companies may provide production equipment such as cameras, lighting, sound, props, sets, wardrobe, trailers and more. They may provide equipment for special events such as props, sets, furnishings and more. They may provide various types of equipment to the sporting industry. This program is flexible enough to fit the needs of small rental houses up to major national chains. In addition, the program may also be used to cover entities that provide installation and similar activities. Catastrophe coverage such as Earthquake, Wind and Flood are available. Limits are available up to $10,000,000 for Liability and $5,000,000 for Equipment. Illegal Conversion coverage is INCLUDED with a sub-limit.

Available coverages include:
– Owned Equipment
– Rented Equipment
– Office Contents
– Business Income
– Loss of Rental Income
– General Liability
– Automobile Liability
– Automobile Physical Damage Coverage
– Umbrella Liability up to $10,000,000. For more information contact our office for assistance.

Restaurants & Foodservice

From “Field to Fork” we’ve got you covered! United Agencies specializes in every level of the Food Service Industry from Suppliers, Distributors, Caterers and Food Service Establishments. We insure High-End Restaurants to Fast Food, and everything in between. Contact us for more info about how we can help you in your foodservice business.


United Agencies specializes in school and education insurance! Learn more about how we can help you in this important field. 

Social Services

Learn more about UA programs for Non-profits and Social Services here.